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  • € 180,00 Product available with different options
    Product available with different options
    This course will give you a further step to become a professional in the coffee world, increase your theoretical and practical knowledge, leading you to the preparation of a Perfect Espresso.
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    Barista Level 2 course will be a great jump into your professional career, is one of our most popular courses given the skills taught and the knowledge you can apply to your business. 
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    Learn about the range of methods for brewing coffee and the brewing variables that affect quality.
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    This course focuses on the art and technique aimed to conquest the customer's loyalty. The objective of this course is not only to create a drawing but also to prepare a perfect drink with an exquisite and balanced flavour.
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    Knowing about green coffee will help you in your search of bean hunting, final decision and your quality control. 
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    This course is not only for those who work in coffee but also for coffee lovers, baristas, chefs and sommeliers curious to discover new products.
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    To align the student with industry coffee and sensory standards. To prepare them for running sensory evaluation in a coffee business.
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    Designed to introduce core roasting skills and equipment to people with no previous roasting experience. The student will be able to describe the various stages of roasting using all terminology from the keyword list below.
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    This course will provide a more detailed understanding of the roasting process and the different kinds of heat transfer at work.
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    SCA Foundation Certificate
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