We offer you four main events, but we adapt to the needs of each costumer, always proposing you the best quality.


Barista Events

Our services include high-end and top brands machines, the providing specialty coffees with their specific organoleptic descriptions, baristas who have been trained by the Spanish Coffee Institute Foundation, cups, set up and dismantling, etc.

We could offer you our services at conferences, exhibitions and fairs worldwide.

Coffee Cupping

Cupping introduction for groups or companies. We will show you the different steps and protocol to prepare a typical Brazilian cupping. We will taste different coffee profiles and analyze organoleptic characteristics.

We will evaluate the quality considering visual, aromatic and flavour assessment.

Latte Art Show

Making a Latte Art show is a great success! 

Technical skills are required to “draw” with milk. It creates great admiration and curiosity among coffee lovers.


Coffee Brewing Workshop/Demonstration 

The traditional coffee preparation is back! Coffee filter it´s the hit among baristas worldwide.

Along these demonstrations we will prepare coffees with different methods: Chemex, V60, Aeropress or Syphon - teaching the preparation/brewing process, and finaly the result in cup.

For more information, contact us.

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