Who are we?

The Spanish Coffee Institute - IECAFÉ was born in 2008 with the aim of training throughout the coffee chain. In 2016 we became a Foundation with the objective of offering a greater transparency and taking another step in our projects in origincountries. Our vision is to work directly with the small farmer developing different kinds of consulting, increasing the quality of their products, and also encouraging the coffee knowledge of quality coffee through knowledge, training and other activities. 

What do we offer?

We offer courses, consulting, services and the most exclusive products for coffee professionals. All our services are served to increase quality coffee knowledge with the conviction that it is through training and divulgation that we can improve the quality of life in origin countries.

Our courses are addressed to professionals and individuals:  Barista, Latte art, Roasting, and Cupping. We can also design customized courses. These courses are held under SCA certification regulations (Specialty Coffee Association), which is a non-profit association, headquartered in London, which aims to increase the consumption of specialty coffee, coffee culture encouraging, and is present in over 70 countries.

Our trainers

Our trainers and consultants are recognized worldwide thanks to their experience in the coffee world. They have participated in courses, lectures, presentations, fairs, championships, and they are part of international committees in addition to long stays experiences at specialty coffee farms in different origin countries.

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