III Cup Tasters Championship + IBCF

III Cup Tasters Championship

This year the championship will take place in the activities of Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival.

12th and 13th of October 2018, Barcelona-Spain (Espacio 88).

The price includes the tickect for Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival(12th of October)

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€ 270,00

Assistants: - +

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A unique and exclusive competition mixing free cupping, sensorial memory and triangulation.

The first part will be free cupping, where participants taste different coffees by the filter method. They describe and memorize the unique characteristics of each set, and then they will be able to remember and find theses coffees.

In the blind tasting, participants will have to taste different kind of coffees, remembering the taste of each cup.

First Prize: 8,000€

Second Prize: Origin Trip, Ethiopia

Third Prize: Still to be determined

The IBCF is an annual event that brings together professionals and fanatics of specialty coffee in Barcelona its third edition it will have activities related to coffee culture (Cupping, workshops, talks, espresso bar, brew bar, food & drinks).

The price includes access to the IBCF professional day of 12th of October.

Talks and workshops for the specialty coffee industry

Access to Friday 12th/ Saturday 13th activities

Breakfast and lunch included for 12th of October (professional day).

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