Latte Art Masterclass

Master class designed for professionals with experience. Two days of intense learning with Antonio Palacio, one of the SCA Spain champions in Latte Art.

Do not miss the opportunity to learn from one of the best  in Spain!

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€ 415,00

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Mare Terra Coffee Institute - Fundación IE Café organizes an intensive Latte Art Master Class.


  • Brief presentation.
  • Your drawings We will ask you for photos of recent LatteArt designs, to know what your level is.
  • Ergonomics in the latte. The importance iof body position, arms, as well as the coordination between cup and pitcher.
  • Kinds of milk
  • Milk emulsion
  • How does it affect the taste? 
  • Time, air, water and temperature factor.
  • The quality of espresso and milk.
  • Pitchers. Sizes, heat and cream.
  • The challenge stars. Where we are and where we want to go
  • Designs and drawings: inverted tulips, slow rosettes, swan and heart x3 and x5, seahorse...
  • Tips
  • Conclusions

Good knowledge of latte art is required to participate in this course.

Length: 2 days

Schedule: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Language: Spanish 

  • We will be waiting for you in our offices, the day and place chosen by you in your purchase.
  • We will deliver you the syllabus and the necessary material for the course before the course.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us via email at