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Open De Cata is an alternative cupping championship that will be held on October 25-26th in Barcelona within Encuentros Cafeteros 2019.

Note! The price below includes taxes for Spanish citizens.  It will be recalculated for foreign citizens when processing the payment. 

Ticket prices:260€ (+ VAT for Spanish citizens) 

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We regret to inform that due to the political instability present in Barcelona at the moment, we have decided to cancel the Encuentros Cafeteros 2019 event so that the friends and partners initially coming to share these special days with us don’t incur unnecessary personal risks. 

The current situation in the city is that public infrastructure is affected by strikes, many flights are being canceled and on October 26th, coinciding with the planned date of the event, a large demonstration in the city center is being organized. Several other large events have already been suspended such as the game of Barça Madrid scheduled for the same day.

At this moment, nothing allows us to project the evolution of the situation either on the streets of Barcelona or in public infrastructure for the next seven days, which is why we have taken the painful desition of having to suspend Encuentros Cafeteros.

The whole Mare Terra Coffee team apologises, and we hope you can understand this tough decision. 


The competition includes free cupping, sensory memory and triangulation tests. A unique and exclusive competition mixing free cupping, sensorial memory and triangulation.

The first part will be free cupping, where participants taste different coffees by the filter method. They describe and memorize the unique characteristics of each set, and then they will be able to remember and find theses coffees.

In the blind tasting, participants will have to taste different kind of coffees, remembering the taste of each cup.

The championship is open for only 48 participants, once the whole competition is organised in rounds of 4 participants. All coffees are freshly brewed in filter throughout the day in order to provide everyone with the same temperature and extraction conditions.

The first four participants in the grand final will receive cash prizes, as follows:

  • 1st place: € 6000 + Trophy

  • 2nd place: € 3000 + Trophy

  • 3rd place: € 1500 + Trophy

  • 4th place: € 500 + Certificate

The price includes access to Encuentros Cafeteros 2019 (more info here)

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