New arrivals from South America 2019 in Munich

On 28th and 29th November we will hold an event in Munich to present our new coffees from South America, origins Colombia and Brazil. We will be able to cup, discuss and priority reserve the coffees and also enjoy educational, cultural and gastronomic activities.

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We will meet at a central location in the capital of Bavaria for two intense days to taste the best coffees we have selected from the countries of origin of Colombia and Brazil.

  • Colombia- Coocentral

In this event we will share the results of a project in which we have already spent half of their time and we want to celebrate together some results, both socially and in the achievements that make us proud: Young Coffee Growers of Huila.

How could it be otherwise, we will taste a wide range of coffees from Huila, Specialty and Nano Lots from different municipalities of this coffee paradise

In this event we will share various fermentation and drying techniques (washed, natural, honeys, aerobic and anaerobic - extra long and combined) and also various varieties, Caturra, Geisha, Castilla, Colombia, Burbon.

  • Brazil

What do we offer you ?, the coffees of Cerrado Mineiro and Sul de Minas, stable, sweet and clean profiles, ready for you to be comfortable and grateful to work and that can be a good basis (platform) for our businesses.

We will talk about Laurinas, Aramosas, Geishas from Brazil and some other species that we will present during the event.

We will test all Daterra Coffee, in a tasting of their classic ranges, coffees that admit to be treated as unique origins or as an exceptional base for blend, with a score of between 80 and 86 points with traceability to the farm and with deserved destination as unique origins , the other tasting will be carried out by coffees from the Masterpieces range, unique coffee batches, new and unusual varieties, processing methods, drying techniques and countless experiments. Each coffee has a unique beverage profile and a score above 86 points.

Location: Munich (Germany)

Date: 28th and 29th November 

Price includes all activities and meals   

More information about the event here